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Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware) asked us to help position them as leaders in the field of cloud-based retail platforms in the eyes senior industry decision-makers. This strategic and creative brief was to evolve over a two-year period and connect the motivation of today’s digitally-savvy consumer, with the ability of the Commerce Cloud platform to unify online and sales touchpoints.

To properly understand the rapidly-evolving retail landscape, we consulted retailers, brand manufacturers and commissioned quantitative research to investigate the online shopping habits of more than 7,000 millennials across Europe. This enabled us to develop the overarching concept of ‘Future Ready Retail’ and promote this research to leading industry decision-makers – putting the client at the heart of every conversation. To support the campaign, we developed white papers, insight events, personalised video brochures and targeted digital marketing, including display banners, research apps and infographics. This connected, and engaged with, those businesses that will increasingly depend on innovative digital transactions.

Our Future Ready microsite included white papers and articles, plus our bespoke Digital Readiness Audit application, allowing retailers to generate a report on how prepared they were to meet the future of retail. The campaign engaged many of EMEA´s biggest retail influencers and provided a wealth of qualified leads for Salesforce.

Future-Ready Retail white paper.

Global research series.

Targeted lead generation campaigns.

Future-Ready Retail microsite.

The Digital Readiness audit tool.

Influencing the influencers.

“When you are working on a campaign like Future-Ready that has a long shelf life, you also need a team that is flexible and is prepared to engage with you when you come up with some crazy ideas. And for me that is what [LEAP] is all about. It's high energy and creativity, it's fun and it's innovation.”

Sharon Forder, Senior Marketing Director EMEA

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