Getting creative for Boring Money brand awareness campaign.

Boring Money

Boring Money is an independent business helping to make the world of investments, pensions and savings more accessible and understandable to everyone. LEAP was commissioned to create an advertising campaign that increased both awareness of the Boring Money brand and visitor numbers to the website. The Boring Money brand is bold and straight-talking, so it was important that the campaign idea had a good sprinkling of disruptive humour.

Our idea took inspiration from decision-tree flow charts. These began with an apparently irrelevant question such as, “Are you the Duke of Westminster?” or “Could you cheerfully strangle Peppa Pig?” before presenting the audience with choices that educated and informed them about different financial products. The flow chart ultimately led readers to the Boring Money website.

The idea was tailored to work across digital and Out Of Home media. Succinct executions appeared online with longer copy versions used on the London Underground, where the captive audience had more dwell time.

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