“Dad, why would anyone pay for a new logo?”

Need a new logo? My 13-year-old son can knock up something for you on his iPhone. And without wishing to sound the family trumpet too loudly, I reckon it would look pretty slick too. But here’s the rub. However impressive the artwork by Cayless Jnr, the odds are stacked...

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How women are inspiring change in STEM business culture.

The lack of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) offices, labs and University courses is costing the sector talent, ideas and progress. But creative recruitment campaigns are helping accelerate change. A recent dive into family history turned up an unexpected ancestor perched on a two hundred year...

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Why digital guidelines put you in control of your brand.

A mish mash of fonts in different sizes. Pixelated logos cut and pasted from defunct web pages. More colours than Joseph’s dreamcoat… Every Brand or Marketing Manager will have experienced that sinking feeling when a colleague goes rogue with a PowerPoint presentation, and rides roughshod over their carefully researched...

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New home, new look, new challenges.

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new website. Since moving into our new home in the heart of Chichester, West Sussex, and rebranding as LEAP (formerly Groupbrand), we now have a shiny new website that reflects these exciting changes and showcases our first-class creative and...

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Our agency journey

Building and running an agency means many things both professionally and personally, but at its core remains a long standing vision and a long held set of values that underpin a belief in what we do here at LEAP, and why we do it. Before founding the business at...

How we got here

Got a creative brief? Start with Why.

Why I’ve started listening “I’ve just read a good book,” I tell my wife. “No, you’ve just had a good book read to you.” She replies. My wife thinks Audiobooks are “cheating”. I disagree. I argue that I’m still having to create the pictures in my mind, it’s just...

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We’re hiring – PHP Developer

We are looking for a PHP web developer to join our team working on a wide variety of digital web-based projects. If you’re looking for a fresh challenge and want to work in a vibrant office environment in the heart of Chichester, we’d love to hear from you. This...

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