Our agency journey

By David Kimmer

Building and running an agency means many things both professionally and personally, but at its core remains a long standing vision and a long held set of values that underpin a belief in what we do here at LEAP, and why we do it.

Before founding the business at the start of 2004, I had been jointly running an agency that I’d taken control of 18 months prior and whilst this proved to be a brief but challenging period in my professional career, it laid the foundations for starting my own agency.

With the little investment I’d managed to recoup, I left my job aged 28 and setup on my own with no savings and no guarantee of income; only the learnings I’d brought with me and a confidence in my own ability. From working on a laptop alone in my attic, to managing an agency of 30 full time staff across 3 sites, to being acquired by Loveurope and Partners (LEAP), the UK’s leading independent creative services agency; the business has indeed come a long way.

Throughout this time my philosophy has always been to deliver the most effective outcome on every project we undertake regardless of the brief, budget or client; a high benchmark we set and continuously measure ourselves against on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean to say that we disregard those creative parameters. Quite the contrary. We cut our cloth accordingly and apply a layer of commercial rigour to continuously keep things in check.

Doing great work is only part of the formula for success; to continue delivering on our philosophy requires a business whose culture nurtures and supports its talent, and leadership that drives it with purpose and conviction.

But behind the curtain is what really defines us as an agency.

Fundamentally I believe it’s great people that make a great agency and choosing talent with ambition and character over a fancy CV has always been my hiring strategy. Employing the right people and creating a culture and environment that allows them to flourish and produce great, indeed amazing work, is a truly humbling experience to which everyone deserves individual recognition. But it’s my continued responsibility, and privilege, to lead this once fledgling business, and take it forward to even greater things with the same vision, values and sheer determination I had all those years ago when I took that ‘leap’ of faith.

So for me this website is not just a showcase of the first-class creative and digital work we produce, but a personal reminder of where we’ve come from and where we can collectively take it from here.

I’d love you all to be part of this journey.

Our door is always open.

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